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JavaScript is an object oriented programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. Common features implemented using JavaScript include form validation, dynamically updating content, controlling multimedia, animation and many other complex features. An example of the almost limitless possibilities of JavaScript can be seen in Google documents.  This full featured office suite allows multiple users to simultaneously edit a variety of documents and is completely implemented using JavaScript.

What started out as a very simple scripting language has grown in importance and is now arguably one of the most important programming languages to know. With node.js and various other libraries it has broken out of the browser and is now used for server side programming as well.

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JavaScript courses

Mastering JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming
JavaScript Fundamentals
Javascript Programming
Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript Data Visualisation using Maps

HTML 5 Courses

HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

Web Programming

Web Programming with JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Introduction
Web Programming with JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Advanced
Rapid Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Angular Developer Training - Introduction
Angular Developer Training - Advanced
Angular 2 Development
AngularJS Programming
Angular 5 Development


Introduction to Server Side Javascript with Node.js