WebSphere Message Broker Introduction

Course Description

This course is for system Integrators, middleware, messaging or application integration specialists, designers and architects, and anyone who requires an overview of IBM's flagship information broker. This course is applicable to all versions of WebSphere Message Broker up to version 8.
1 day
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An understanding of WebSphere MQ would be advantageous and allow the delegate to get the most out of the course, but it is not essential.

Course Objectives

This course serves as a prerequisite for other WebSphere Message Broker courses and aims to:
Explain the role of an information/integration broker.
Explain the architecture of IBM's WebSphere Message Broker.
Provide a broad overview of functions provided by IBM's WebSphere Message Broker.

Course Content

How to use an information/integration broker to achieve application integration.
The architecture of IBM's WebSphere Message Broker
The role of each of the components making up IBM's WebSphere Message Broker
System requirements
Supported facilities
Publish/Subscribe concepts and features
Message modelling
Migration from previous releases of Message Broker
(Although delivered at v8 on the public schedule, this course is relevant to all previous releases.)