Professional Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2017

Course Description

This three-day course will introduce you to contemporary testing principles and practices used by Agile teams to deliver high-quality increments of software on regular iterations. You should take this course if any of these issues sound familiar: Release dates and budgets are missed due to low quality and bugs Testing activities are performed at the end of the sprint/iteration or release No collective ownership or collaboration exists between the developers and testers The team tests the wrong things at the wrong time No automated tests, no regression tests, and no idea of the quality of your software!
3 days
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This course is appropriate for all members of a software development team, especially those team members performing testing activities regardless of skill level. This course also provides value for non-testers (managers, Scrum Masters, coaches, etc.) who want a better understanding of what Agile software testing involves.

Agile Software Testing

Agile software development
Agile testing behaviors
Agile requirements and acceptance criteria

Planning and Tracking Quality

Forecasting and planning a sprint
Defining done, reporting bugs

Development Tests

Unit testing, code coverage
Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Acceptance Tests

Acceptance testing, integration testing, UI testing
Performance testing, load testing, non-functional requirements
Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

Exploratory Tests

Exploratory testing, testing tours, providing feedback

Build and Test Automation

Automated building and testing, Continuous Integration (CI)
Build and test using Visual Studio agents

Delivering Quality Software

Overcoming common dysfunctions, attributes and behaviors of high-performance teams

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