Oracle 9i Developer Form Builder

Course Description

This course is designed to provide application developers the hands-on experience using the Oracle Object Oriented 4th generation graphical user interface development tool. This lab-intensive course directs participants through application development from default form generation to custom, menu-driven applicatoins using object-oriented technology.
5 Days
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Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Foundation Classes or equivalent experience.

Introduction to Form Builder

Oracle design and development tools
Object orientation
Form Builder object model utilisation
Using a Form Builder Application
Developing Form Builder Applications
Steps in developing form applications

Basic Components of Form Builder

Entity relationship diagram for SPAM
SPAM physical data model
Parts of a Form Builder application
Relationship of a form to a database

Running a Form Builder Application

Invoking the forms runtime
On-line help at runtime
Modes of operation
Retrieving data from the database
Inputting records into the database

Form Builder Design Interface Part 1

Form Builder major tool set
Form Builder wizards, main menu, and modules

Form Builder Design Interface Part 2

Using the property palette
Using the layout editor

Building a Basic Form Module

Connecting to the database
Creating a new form module
New blocks
The layout and the Layout Wizard
Modifying a block
Saving the form module
Test run the new form module
Manually compile the form module

Visual Attributes and Property Classes

Developing Inheritable and Reusable Objects

Copy/subclass objects amongst form modules
Reusing objects across from modules
Mouse/keyboard hints
Object groups
Object groups
Form Builder application development steps
Skeleton form module building steps

Building a Robust Form Part 1

Steps in building a form module

Building a Robust Form Part 2

Working with toolbars
Add new objects
Creating canvas-views and a detail block

Editors and Alerts

Specialised windows
Editors and Alerts

LOVS and Record Groups

Lists of values
LOV properties
Record groups
Record group properties

Trigger Concepts

Types of triggers
Database triggers vs. form triggers
Validation strategies
PL/SQL trigger scripts

Working with Triggers

Global and System variables
Calling built-in routines
Handling error and failing triggers
Creating triggers
Populating non-base table items
Manipulating windows with triggers
Populating a non-base table calculated item
Performing actions from buttons

Object Oriented Coding Capabilities

Form Builder application development steps
Reuse/Inheritance of objects
Copying existing triggers into a form module
Triggers in property classes
Program units
PL/SQL library modules
Object libraries and smart classes

Basic Menus

Menu modules
Saving a menu module
Compiling a menu module
Attaching a menu module to a form module