G Suite Sheets - Advanced

Course Description

This course aims to fine-tune data manipulation and presentation skills for experienced GSuite Sheets users. The content is focused on how to clean, slice and dice data to allow in-depth data analysis. The new Macros feature in Sheets will also be covered.
1/2 Day
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This course is for experienced Sheets users who have attended the Intermediate level course, or who have commensurate skills and experience.

Pivot Tables

• Creating Pivot Tables
• Group data
• Create Calculated fields
• Creating a Pivot Chart


• Nested If Functions
• IF with And/Or/Not
• IF / VLookup
• Index / Match

Clean-up Functions

• Using Text to Column
• Upper case
• Lower case
• Left/Right
• Trim
• Len
• Concatenate
• Text

Sheets Tools

• Data Validation Rules
• Creating Lists

Pulling Data from a Spreadsheet

• Using ImportXML
• Using ImportHTML

Recording a macro

• How to record a macro
• Customising a recorded macro
• Launching a macro

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