C# Essentials (VS 2015)

Course Description

This two-day intensive course is designed for the experienced programmer to help you quickly come up to speed on the C# language. It is current to Visual Studio 2015. Important newer features such as dynamic data type, named and optional arguments, the use of variance in generic interfaces, and asynchronous programming keywords are covered, with reference also to the fundamentals of Language Integrated Query (LINQ).
2 days
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The participant should be an experienced application developer or architect. Some background in object-oriented programming would be helpful.


· Acquire a working knowledge of C# programming
· Learn about important interactions between C# and the .NET Framework
· Learn how to implement simple GUI programs using Windows Forms
· Gain a working knowledge of dynamic data type, named and optional arguments, and other new features in C# 4.0.
· Learn how to do asynchronous programming using new keywords in C# 5.0.
· Become aware of new features in C# 6.0.

NET: What You Need to Know

.NET Executables and the CLR
A .NET Testbed for C# Programming
Using Visual Studio 2015

C# Overview for the Sophisticated Programmer

First C# Console Application
Data Types
Control Structures
Subroutines and Functions
Parameter Passing
Implicitly Typed Variables
Console I/O
Exception Handling

Object-Oriented Programming in C#

Access Control
Methods and Properties
Asymmetric Accessor Accessibility
Static Data and Methods
Constant and Readonly Fields
Auto-Implemented Properties
Overriding Methods
Abstract Classes
Sealed Classes
Access Control and Assemblies

C# and the .NET Framework

.NET and COM
IEnumerable and IEnumerator
Copy Semantics in C#
Generic Types
Type-Safe Collections
Object Initializers
Collection Initializers
Anonymous Types

Delegates and Events

Anonymous Methods
Lambda Expressions
Random Number Generation

Introduction to Windows Forms

Creating Windows Applications Using Visual Studio 2015
Partial Classes
Buttons, Labels and Textboxes
Handling Events
Listbox Controls

Newer Features in C#

Dynamic Data Type
Named Arguments
Optional Arguments
Variance in Generic Interfaces
Asynchronous Programming Keywords
New Features in C# 6.0

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