Angular 2 Development

Course Description

Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of the Angular framework, incorporating the latest standards in ECMAScript and unifying many of the diverse elements found in Angular 1. Angular 2 has now been officially launched, and this course is based on the final version.
4 days
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Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript programming
Experience in AngularJS 1.x is beneficial but not required

What you`ll learn

Angular architectural concepts
Creating and testing Angular apps
Displaying data and accepting user input
Dependency injection
Routing and navigation
Lifecycle hooks
Calling REST services

Angular 2 Essentials

Angular 2 vs Angular 1
Angular 2 architecture components
Development tools state-of-play

TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 Essentials

Overview of TypeScript and ECMAScript 6
Using the TypeScript Playground
Configuring and using the TypeScript transpiler

Understanding TypeScript Syntax

Variables and types

Creating a Simple Angular 2 Application

Structure of an Angular 2 application
Importing Angular libraries
Angular bundles
Angular components
Binding expressions
Bootstrapping Angular

Data Binding

A closer look at data binding
Two-way data binding
Using built-in pipes
Defining custom pipes
Applying pipes programmatically
Built-in structural directives


A closer look at SystemJS
Loading multiple modules
Configuring SystemJS
Using a package manager


Overview of Node Package Manager, Bower, Grunt, and Gulp
Using Bower to manage client packages
Defining static content
Gulp tasks

Component Hierarchies

Structuring applications
Defining component inputs
Defining component outputs
The mediator pattern

Dependency Injection

Overview of dependency injection in Angular
Simple dependency injection
Using the provide() function
A hierarchy of injectors
Global provision
Injection into services
Values and factories

Angular 2 Routing

Getting started with routing
The role of routing in Single Page Applications
Route parameters
Lazy loading

Calling Rest Web Services

Overview of Rest services
Calling Rest services from Angular 2
Using the conditional navigation operator

Web Sockets

Web Sockets concepts
Calling Web Sockets from JavaScript
Using RxJs Observables with Web Sockets

Testing Angular Code

Setting the scene for unit testing
Getting started with Jasmine
Using Jasmine to test Angular code

Implementing Custom Directives

Attribute directives
Specifying parameters and events
Structural directives; Transclusion

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