ASP.NET AJAX Using C# (VS2013)

Course Description

This two-day course provides a practical introduction to developing rich Internet applications using ASP.NET AJAX and C#. Because of the extensive support provided by Microsoft’s AJAX tools, an ASP.NET programmer can get up and running in this new environment quickly. This course shows the way. It is current to ASP.NET 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013. The course includes an introduction to the JavaScript library jQuery UI and the open source components JuiceUI that encapsulate jQuery UI widgets for use by ASP.NET programmers. The course assumes a basic familiarity with JavaScript, which is covered in our one-day course, Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery. <br> Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided. A case study illustrates a number of features of ASP.NET AJAX working together. Participants will receive a complete set of notes and all the programming examples.
2 days
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A good working knowledge of Web application development using ASP.NET, Visual Studio and C#. Participants should also have a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Some familiarity with ADO.NET would be helpful for understanding the case study and some of the examples.


· Gain a thorough understanding of the philosophy and implementation of rich Internet applications
· Explain the benefits of AJAX in creating non-blocking and interactive Web applications
· Use ASP.NET AJAX and Visual Studio to easily implement AJAX applications
· Create visually rich and attractive Web applications with controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit
· Create interactive web pages using jQuery UI and JuiceUI.

Rich Internet Applications and AJAX

Desktop Applications
Web Applications
Rich Client Applications
Using Plug-Ins
Using JavaScript
Asynchronous Communication
Microsoft’s AJAX Technologies
ASP.NET AJAX Enhancements
A Simple AJAX Application

ASP.NET AJAX Client Library

Components of Microsoft’s AJAX Support
Client-Side Page Lifecycle
Debugging Support
JavaScript Extensions
Object-Oriented Programming Support
Global API Shortcuts
Embedded JavaScript Resources

Partial Page Rendering

UpdatePanel Control
Update Modes
Using a Timer
Partial Page Update Lifecycle
UpdateProgress Control
Limitations and Performance Issues

Remote Method Calls

Web Service Methods
Handling Errors
Using Context
Page Methods
JSON Serialization
ScriptMethod Attribute

AJAX Control Toolkit

Using ACT Controls in Visual Studio
Extender Controls
Use of Style Sheets
Page Layout Controls
Popup Controls
ACT Controls and Web Services

jQuery UI and JuiceUI

jQuery UI
Juice UI
Using jQuery UI and JuiceUI

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