Word 2013 Level 4 Macros and VBA

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This course was written for trainees wishing to learn to use Microsoft Word. It is written for using Microsoft Word in the Office 2013 suite of applications. However, it does not include a ‘New Features’ section exclusively about new features in Microsoft Word within Office 2013. It is very easy to see a complete list of the new features in Office v2013 in the Help menu on-screen. This courseware cannot and should not compete with the comprehensive coverage of new features detailed by Microsoft within the application’s help files. To do so would be to hinder learning the raw application.
What this course seeks to do is teach the trainee Word in the hope that he/she may be able to go and work just as well using versions. Wherever possible, ‘version functionality’ is purposely avoided.
Advanced Word Features:
Word Fields
Document Templates
Form Fields
Macros :
Introduction to Macros
Assigning a Macro to a shortcut key
Assigning a macro to a tab and command on the Ribbon
Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Bar
Viewing the Macro Code
Deleting a macro
Organizing macros Between Templates
Macro Security Options
Auto Macros
Using VBA:
The basics of VBA
Using the Visual Basic Editor
Objects, Properties and Methods
Variables and Constants
Control Structures
Controls and Dialog Boxes
User Defined Forms:
User-Defined Forms
Create the User Form
Adding Form Controls
Control and Dialog Box Events
Displaying and Dismissing a User Form
Handling Form Controls
Appendix A:
Debugging and Error trapping
Naming Conventions
The Range Object
Appendix B; New Features in Word 2013:
The Office 2013 Interface
The Word Screen
The Ribbon
Dialogue box launchers
Contextual Tabs
Customize the Ribbon
The Mini toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar
Using the keyboard (Key Tips in v2013)
Other New Features In Word 2013
File Menu Options
Screen Views and Document Navigation
New Graphics features
Sharing Documents