Word 2010 Intermediate

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In this course, you will create more complex documents in Microsoft Word 2010 with more detailed formatting, learn about using Smart Tags, finishing your document professionally, using Mail Merge and emailing documents.
To ensure the successful completion of the Intermediate course, the completion of the Foundation course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Managing Your Documents:
1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Word
Navigating Using Windows Explorer
Performing Basic Tasks with Windows Explorer
Using Views in Windows Explorer
Using the Windows Explorer Navigation Pane
1.2: Saving Your Files
Using File Formats
Publishing to PDF or XPS
Setting File Passwords
Using AutoRecover
1.3: Finishing Your Files
File Properties
About Compatibility Mode
Running the Document Inspector
Marking a Document as Final
Encrypting Documents
Digitally Signing Documents
Inserting a Signature Line
1.4: Viewing Your Files
Opening a Copy of a Document
Arranging Windows
Comparing Documents Side-by-Side
Splitting a Document
1.5: Making Word Work Backwards
Opening Documents in Other Word Formats
Converting Documents to Older Word Formats
Running the Compatibility Checker
Setting Compatibility Options
Compatibility Packs for Microsoft Office 2003
Using Formatting Tools:
2.1: Working with Templates
Creating a Template
Saving a Template
Using a Template
Editing a Template
Attaching a Template to a Document
2.2: Using Bullets and Numbering
Types of Lists
Creating a Basic List
Creating a Multilevel List
Creating Custom Bullets or Numbers
Continuing a List
Removing Bullets or Numbering
2.3: Using the Paragraph Dialog
Applying Alignment
Applying Indentation
Applying Spacing
Setting Defaults
Sorting Text
2.4: Using Delineation Tools
Using Columns
Inserting a Line Break
Inserting a Page Break
Inserting a Section Break
Setting Page and Line Break Options
2.5: Working with Pages
Adding a Cover Page
Creating a Blank Page
Changing the Page Color
Adding a Watermark
Adding a Page Border
2.6: Adding Hyperlinks
Types of Links
Inserting a Link
Editing a Link
Following a Link
Removing a Hyperlink
Creating Headers and Footers:
3.1: Creating Basic Headers and Footers
Using a Preset Header or Footer
Editing a Header or a Footer
Adding a Header or Footer to the Gallery
Navigating Through Headers and Footers
Removing a Header or Footer
3.2: Using the Header and Footer Tools Design Tab
Header and Footer Tools
Insert Commands
Navigation Commands
Header and Footer Options
Position Options
Closing Header and Footer View
3.3: Inserting Page Numbers
Inserting Page Numbers
Changing Page Numbers
Formatting Page Numbers
Removing Page Numbers
3.4: Doing More with Headers and Footers
Aligning Text
Adding Graphics
Inserting the Date and Time
Linking and Unlinking Headers and Footers
Positioning Headers and Footers
Using Time Saving Tools:
4.1: Using Language Tools
Setting Your Language
Using the Spelling and Grammar Context Menu
Running a Spelling and Grammar Check
Setting Spelling and Grammar Options
Controlling Hyphenation
Performing a Word Count
4.2: Research Tools
Performing Research
Using the Thesaurus
Translating a Word
Translating an Entire Document
4.3: Inserting Pre-Defined Text
Inserting the Date and Time
Inserting a Symbol
Inserting Special Characters
Inserting an Equation
4.4: Specialized Text Recognition
Enabling Text Recognition
Types of Recognized Text
Making Word Recognize Different Text Features
Inserting a Date
4.5: Using the Navigation Pane
Overview of the Navigation Pane
Dragging and Dropping Sections
Navigation Pane Views
Searching in Your Document
Finishing Your Document:
5.1: Making Your Document Consistent
Using Themes
Using Theme Colors
Using Theme Fonts
Using Theme Effects
5.2: Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Mail Merge Basics
Starting the Wizard and Choosing a Document
Selecting a Starting Document
Selecting Recipients
Creating Your Document
Previewing Your Document
Completing the Merge
5.3: Performing a Manual Mail Merge
Using the Mailings Tab
Selecting a Starting Document
Selecting and Editing Recipients
Adding Fields
Adding Rules
Previewing and Finishing the Merge
5.4: Sending a Document Electronically
Faxing a Document
E-mailing a Document as an Attachment
E-mailing a Document as a PDF or XPS
Using E-mail Features
Other Sharing Features