Word 2007 - Expert

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This course covers using Forms and Macros within Word 2007, managing and tracking changes, using references and basic XML. It is intended for experienced Excel users.
To ensure the successful completion of the Expert course, the completion of the Advanced course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Creating Forms and Using Macros:
Creating Forms
Using the Developer Ribbon
Creating A Form
Inserting Controls
Modifying Control Properties
Finishing Forms:
Grouping Controls
Protecting A Form
Testing A Form
Distributing A Form
Advanced Forms Tasks:
Using Legacy Controls
Assigning Help To A Form Field
Using the Document Protection Task Pane
Using Multiple Sections
Setting Macro Security
Recording A Macro
Running A Macro
Editing A Macro’s Code Using The Visual Basic Editor
Other Macro Tasks:
Copying A Macro From A Template
Assigning A Macro To A Keystroke
Assigning A Macro To A Toolbar
About Macro Names
Managing Documents:
Using Comments
Getting Ready
Inserting Comments
Editing Comments
Navigating Through Comments
Deleting Comments
Tracking Changes:
Using the Reviewing Ribbon
Using the Review Pane
Tracking Changes
Reviewing Changes
Changing The Changes That You See
Setting Options For Tracking Changes
Finishing Your Document
Working With Multiple Versions of Documents:
Comparing Documents
Combining Documents
Showing the Source Documents
Protecting Documents
Creating An Outline:
Using Outline View
Using the Outlining Ribbon
Creating An Outline
Expanding And Collapsing Headings
Modifying Your Outline
Moving Headings
Working with References:
Creating a Table Of Contents
Marking Text Using Heading Styles
Marking Text Using Outline Levels
Inserting The Table Of Contents
Updating a Table Of Contents
Practice Exercise
Creating References Within A Document:
Using Footnotes And Endnotes In Print Layout
Using Footnotes And Endnotes In Normal Layout
Using Bookmarks
Using Cross-References
Creating a Bibliography:
Inserting Citations
Marking Citations
Managing Sources
Choosing a Style
Inserting a Bibliography
Updating a Bibliography
Creating Other Reference Pages:
Marking Index Entries
Creating an Index
Updating an Index
Creating and Updating a Table of Figures
Creating and Updating a Table of Authorities
Creating References To Other Documents:
Linking To Another Document
Creating And Working With A Master Document
Creating And Working With Sub-Documents
Other Master And Sub Document Tasks
Expert Topics:
SharePoint Basics
What is SharePoint?
System Requirements
Creating a Workspace
Accessing a Workspace
Publishing to a Workspace
Other Publication Methods:
About Document Management Servers
Publishing to a Server
Creating a Blog
Publishing a Blog
Basic XML Tasks:
Using the Document Panel
Opening the XML Structure Task Pane
Applying an XML Schema to a Document
Using the Scheme Library
Using XML Options
Adding XML Expansion Packs
Word and XML:
About the New XML File Type
Saving a Document as XML
Opening an XML Document
Assigning an InfoPath Template to a Document
Creating an InfoPath Form
Creating a Custom SmartTag
Office Tools:
Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Opening MODI
Features Overview
Using MODI With Word
Importing Word Files Into MODI
Picture Manager
Clip Art Organizer