What's New in Java 8

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Java 8 is a major evolution in the Java programming language and platform. The language has been expanded dramatically to support lambda expressions, functional programming styles, and enhanced performance. The Java libraries have been extended significantly to take advantage of these new language features, and to offer many improvements in areas such as concurrency, security, and JavaScript integration. This course takes a detailed look at all these new features, with extensive examples and hands-on exercises using the latest development tools.
Good experience in Java SE 7
what you`ll learn:
Using lambda expressions
Understanding method and constructor references
Defining and using functional interfaces
Using sequential and parallel streams
Using the enhanced concurrency and collection APIs
Understanding Java 8 security features
Understanding additional API and language improvements
Setting the scene:
What is Java 8
Where can I get it
What tools are available
Lambda expressions:
What are lambda expressions
Formal syntax for lambda expressions
Lambda expression simple syntax
Lambda expressions that return a value
Lambda expressions with multiple arguments
Lambda expressions and scope
Common usage scenarios
Method enhancements:
Method references
Constructor references
Default methods
Static methods in interfaces
Functional interfaces:
Additional new functional interfaces
Sequential vs. parallel streams
Immediate vs. terminal operations
Stream example
Lazy evaluation
A closer look at immediate and terminal operations
Primitive-specialized streams
Enhanced collections API:
New methods in List
New methods in Map
Parallel array processing
Enhanced concurrency API:
Adders and accumulators
Additional new features
Additional Java 8 Features:
Unsigned arithmetic
New date/time API
Base64 encoding and decoding
Annotation changes
Miscellaneous new features
Java 8 Security Features:
Privilege checking
Keystore enhancements
Cryptography enhancements
Nashorn JavaScript Engine:
Getting started with Nashorn
Accessing Java classes in JavaScript
Additional techniques