Upgrading to Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Complete

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 is Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use personal information management program. This new version of Outlook incorporates some new features and connectivity options to make managing your e-mail and personal information easier than ever.
This Upgrading course is intended to help experienced users of Outlook 2007 and earlier get up to speed with new features and functionality. This manual will also help users of Outlook 2003 and earlier who have little to no experience with Outlook 2007 and the ribbon interface.
Highlights of the course include information on customizing the ribbon, using Conversation view, setting up a text messaging account, configuring Quick Steps, using the Outlook Social Connector, searching in Outlook, and using new calendar features. A complete overview of the interface is also included.
This course is designed for experienced users who have worked with earlier versions of Excel, and who have, or about to upgrade to Microsoft Office Excel 2010. This training manual covers the commonly used new features for a typical user.
Getting Started:
The course will begin by teaching participants how to open and interact with Outlook. They will also learn about Outlook’s new features. This section also describes how to view and use tabs on the ribbon, how to customize the Quick Access toolbar, and how to create and customize ribbon tabs.
Working with Mail Messages :
Next, participants will learn how to use Outlook’s improved printing and viewing tools. Conversation view and Quick Steps will also be covered.
Managing Your Mailbox :
This section explores a variety of mailbox management tools. First, the Favorites list and search folders are covered. Next, other search tools are discussed. The section wraps up with a look at various mailbox cleanup tools.
Using New and Improved Calendar Tools:
To start this section, participants will review the basics of the Outlook calendar. Next, they will learn about the new Daily Task List and customizing views. Then, they will learn about sharing their calendar on Exchange server and scheduling meetings with Exchange server. Publishing a calendar to the Internet and exporting it from Outlook will also be covered.
Advanced Topics :
The final section of the course will begin with a look at how to use SMS (text messaging) with Outlook. Then, participants will learn about the Trust Center and add-ins. Information on installing, configuring, and using the Outlook Social Connector completes the section.