Upgrading To Microsoft Office Word 2007

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This course provides an overview of the redesigned user interface and introduces the interactive new features and functionality of Microsoft Office Word 2007. Upon completing this course, you will be able to use the new and enhanced feature of Word 2007, styles and themes, building blocks, enhanced tables, charts and illustrations, new proofing features and etc. <BR> <BR> <a href='../it_training/word.htm'> View other Word Courses available</a> <BR>
This course is designed for experienced users who have worked with earlier versions of Word, and who have, or about to upgrade to Microsoft Office Word 2007. This training manual covers the commonly used new features for a typical user.
What`s New In Excel 2007
What’s New In Word 2007
Getting Familiar With The Word 2007 Screen
Using the Office Word 2007 Ribbon
How To Work With The Ribbon
How To Customize The Status Bar
How To Change The Views
How To Show And Hide Document Elements
How To Use The Zoom
How To Use The Compatibility Checker
How To Customize The Word Options
How To Save A Document In A Different File Format
How To Pin A Document
How To Document Workbook Properties
How To Diagnose And Repair Problems
How To Format Text
How To Change Case
How To Apply A Quick Style
How To Create A New Style
How To Change A Style Set
How To Use A Theme
How To Change Theme Colors
How To Change Theme Fonts
How To Create A New Theme
How To Add A Cover Page
How To Add A Blank Page
How To Insert A Building Block
How To Create A Building Block (Quick Part and AutoText)
How To Use The Building Block Organizer
How To Change The Page Setup
How To Insert A Page Break Or A Section Break
How To Insert A Header Or A Footer
How To Insert A Quick Table
How To Change A Table Style
How To Change The Table Layout
How To Insert A Chart
How To Edit The Data
How To Change A Chart Design
How To Change A Chart Layout
How To Save A Chart Template
Working With Objects And Illustrations
How To Insert A Quote Or A Sidebar
How To Insert And Change A Picture Style
How To Apply A Shape To A Picture
How To Apply An Effect
How To Recolor A Picture
How To Insert A SmartArt
How To Use The SmartArt Text Pane
How To Change The Shape In A SmartArt
How To Change The SmartArt Style
How To Change The SmartArt Color
How To Change The SmartArt Layout
How To Convert An Embedded Object To A Previous Object Type
How To Change The Proofing Options
How To Use Translate ScreenTip
How To Translate Text
How To Inspect A Document
How To Restrict Unauthorized Editing
How To Mark A Document As Final