Upgrading To Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

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This course provides an overview of the redesigned user interface and introduces the interactive new features and functionality of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Upon completing this course, you will be able to identify and use the new and enhanced features of PowerPoint 2007 to create dynamic and professional presentations with reduced effort.
This course is designed for experienced users who have worked with earlier versions of PowerPoint, and who have, or about to upgrade to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. This training manual covers the commonly used new features for a typical user.
Viewing The PowerPoint 2007 Window
What`s New In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Using The PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon
How To Choose A Command
How To Use The Contextual Tabs
How To Use the Dialog Box Launchers
How To Use Live Preview
How To Use the Office Button
How To Use the Quick Access Toolbar
How To Add a Command To The Quick Access Toolbar
How To Remove a Command From the Quick Access Toolbar
How To Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
How To Move the Quick Access Toolbar
How To Use the Mini-Toolbar
Creating Presentations
How To Create a Presentation using a Template
How To Save a Presentation with Different Formats
How To Open A Recently Used Presentation
Working with Slides
How To Insert New Slides
How To Use Slides From Other Presentations
How To Move And Indent Text
How To Change Text Alignment And Spacing
How To Change Character Spacing (Kerning)
How To Change Character Direction
How To Create Text Columns
Controlling Slide Appearance With Masters
How To Edit A Slide Master or Slide Layout
How To Insert A New Slide Master
How To Insert A New Slide Layout
How To Insert A Placeholder
Working With Design Themes
How To View And Apply a Theme
How To View And Change The Color Scheme
How To Create New Theme Colors
How To View And Change Theme Fonts
How To Choose Theme Effects
How To Add A Background Style
Creating Table and Chart
How To Insert A Table
How To Use Table Styles To Format A Table
How To Add Or Change Table Effect
How To Insert A Chart
How To Edit Chart Data
Inserting Picture And Photo Album
How To Create A Photo Album
How To Apply A Theme To The Photo Album
How To Use The Picture Style Gallery
How To Apply A Shape To A Picture
How To Apply Picture Effects
How To Recolor A Picture
Creating Designer-quality SmartArt Graphics
How To Add SmartArt To A Presentation
How To Convert Slide Text To A SmartArt Graphic
How To Edit Text Using The SmartArt Text Pane
How To Add A Shape From Within SmartArt Graphic
How To Change Shapes In A SmartArt Graphic
How To Change The Layout For A SmartArt Graphic
How To Change A Quick Style For A SmartArt Graphic
Adding Slide Transitions and Animations
How To Add A Slide Transition
How To Add A Transition To All Slides
How To Add An Animation To An Object
How To Add A Customized Animation
Sharing Presentations Using Slide Libraries
How To Publish Presentations To A PowerPoint Slide Library
How To Insert Slides From A PowerPoint Slide Library