UNIX Level Two

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Students will learn more advanced skills to understand the UNIX environment and features.
The UNIX: Introduction Level 1 course or equivalent knowledge.
UNIX Shells and Variables:
Understanding Unix shells
Displaying the default variables
Creating user variables
Removing user-created variables
The UNIX C-Shell User Environment:
Viewing and modifying your .login file
Viewing and modifying your .cshrc file
Creating and modifying your .exrc file
Creating and modifying your .logout file
Examining the order of execution of the environmental files
Aliases in the C-Shell:
Introducing the alias concept
Creating custom aliases at the prompt
Making your aliases permanent
History in the C-Shell:
Modifying your environment to use history
Using history to recall commands
History editing techniques
System Status and Command Information:
Determining the system and user status
Command location and documentation
Multitasking Capabilities:
Introducing the multitasking capability
Managing jobs and background processes by using the jobs table
Managing processes by using the process table
Introducing the delayed and detached jobs concept
Advanced File Management:
Using the find command to locate files
Using advanced grep to search file contents
Introducing the egrep command
Transferring and Printing Files:
Managing file space requirements
Using tar to archive files and directories
Using the print format command
Sending output to the printer
Command Line Database Processing:
Using awk to display file contents
Formatting files with tr command
Using sed to edit file contents
Scripting your database reporting