Test-Driven Development Using Visual Studio

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An emerging software engineering paradigm is test-driven development, where tests are written early and testing is performed continuously during the development process. Problems are discovered early and corrected when they are found. This one-day course for developers explains the methodology of test-driven development and the use of the unit testing framework that comes with Visual Studio 2008 Team System.
The student should have a basic knowledge of the .NET Framework and experience programming in C# with Visual Studio.
Test-Driven Development:
What Is Test-Driven Development (TDD)?
Functional Tests / Customer Tests
Unit Tests / Programmer Tests
Test Automation
Simple Design
A Visual Studio Test Drive
TDD with Legacy Code
Visual Studio Unit Testing Fundamentals:
Structure of Unit Tests
Unit Testing Framework
Test Cases
Test Classes
Test Runners
Ignoring Tests
Initialization and Cleanup
More about Unit Testing Framework:
Expected Exceptions
Custom Asserts
Test Lists
Debugging Unit Tests