Team Foundation Server 2013 for Administrator and Users

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Team Foundation Server provides a full Application Lifetime Management (ALM) that can benefit both the project management and development toolset for the software team.
The first Day will include installation of TFS 2013 and integration with SQL, Report Server and SharePoint 2013. Team Console and SharePoint Administration will be accomplished for Day 2.
The Second Day will be Team Administration including TFS groups and Active Directory, Web Administration both web client and Visual Studio based. The team structure and TFS tools available to the whole ALM.
The Third Day is the development process and bringing together the holistic vision for using TFS for Team development.
The Course is aimed at cross knowledge ability as the first day is aimed at installation; knowledge of Active Directory and Windows Server is an advantage it is a good idea however that the team leaders are involved to see the overall architecture. The other 2 days are aimed at TFS project owners and developers who would be using web clients and visual studio.
o Overview
o On premise vs Online
Software Components.
o Software pre-requisites
o Data Tier
o Application Tier
o Configuration
o SharePoint 2013
- Basic
- Advanced
- SharePoint Integration
- Report Server
- Build Server
- Team Collection
TFS Administration:
o Team Administration
o Area
o Portal
Web Interface
o Administration
o Extensions
Team Projects
o Structure
o Portfolio Management
Build Management
o Build Process
o Backup and Recovery
Development Process:
Process Templates.
o Scrum / Agile
o Customisation
- Portfolio and Work Item
Version Control.
o Continuous Integration
o Automated test build
o Gated Check-ins
o Work Items
o Web Clients
o Web Charting
o SharePoint Reports