Sharepoint Server 2013 Core Essentials

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Microsoft SharePoint Server is a powerful collaboration tool that serves a very useful purpose in any office. This course takes students through the steps to learn how to get the most out of SharePoint Server 2013. Students will learn about getting started with SharePoint Server 2013; configuring and customizing a site; creating and working with libraries and project summaries;, managing site content; modifying pages; and customizing alerts and permissions.
Participants are expected to be IT literate and to be using other MS Office packages.
Getting Started with SharePoint Server:
What is SharePoint Server?
System Requirements
Opening a SharePoint Site
Understanding the Home Page
Configuring Your Site:
Adding Users
Creating Apps
Adding a Project Summary
Focusing on Content
Customizing Your Site:
Changing the Look of Your Site
Customizing the Title, Description, and Logo
Editing the Quick Launch Pane Links
Removing the “Get Started” Tiles
Creating Libraries:
Creating a New Library
Adding Items to a Library
Customizing Library Views
Customizing Library Settings
Deleting a Library
Working with Libraries:
Moving Items
Renaming Items
Using Tags and Notes
Sharing Items
Deleting Items
Creating a Project Summary:
Creating a Task List
Creating Tasks
Viewing Task Options
Deleting Tasks
Working with the Project Summary:
Searching Tasks
Completing Tasks and Viewing Completed Items
Adding Tasks to the Timeline
Changing Date Display on the Timeline
Viewing Tasks as a Calendar
Managing Site Content:
Viewing Site Contents
Viewing Workflows
Viewing Site Settings
Using the Recycle Bin
Modifying Pages:
Editing Pages
Editing Page Properties
Viewing Page History
Deleting a Page
Advanced Customization Tasks:
Using the Site Pages Gallery
Changing the Home Page
Viewing Incoming Links
Viewing Popularity Trends and Usage Reports
Creating and Managing Alerts:
Creating a Basic Alert
Managing Alerts
Creating a Custom Alert
Deleting Alerts
Configuring Permissions:
Sharing the Page
Viewing Page Permissions
Creating Groups
Granting Permissions
Modifying Permission Levels
Checking Permissions for a User or Group