SharePoint Designer 2010 Foundation

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2010 is the next generation of Microsoft FrontPage and enables both the design and customization of SharePoint 2010 sites. This course introduces new users to the key features and enables them to get started with well-designed SharePoint sites.
Some previous knowledge of Microsoft FrontPage or other web design software would be an advantage, but is not a requirement. Participants must be competent PC users.
Starting Out:
Meeting Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
Getting Started with Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
Working with Site Objects, Part One
Working with Site Objects, Part Two
Customizing Your Workspace
Getting Help in SharePoint Designer 2010
Understanding and Customizing the SharePoint Designer Interface:
Getting Acquainted
The Quick Access Toolbar
Tabs and Groups
Customizing the Ribbon
Creating a Basic HTML Page:
Getting Started with HTML, Part One
Getting Started with HTML, Part Two
Using Basic Editing Tools
Formatting Text
Advanced Formatting Tasks
Applying the Finishing Touches to a Page
Creating a Basic Site:
Organizing Pages
Working with Pages
Modifying the Home Page
Using Versions
Working with Tables:
Working with Tables
Editing Tables
Formatting Tables
Adding Images to Your Page
Doing More with Photos
Adding Other Elements to Your Page
Customizing Your Site:
Understanding Other Content Types
Customizing Site Columns
Customizing Site Security
Using the Recycle Bin
Managing Your Site