SharePoint 2016 for Site Administrators

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This course looks at the many features that can help SharePoint 2016 administrators streamline, automate, and facilitate site management tasks. It will familiarize participants with creating and configuring site collections; configuring top-level sites; configuring site collection metadata; setting up archiving and compliance policies; using workflows; and configuring search options.
Participants should have completed or have equivalent knowledge of our SharePoint 2016 Site User & Site Owner courses.
Configuring Site Collections:
Create a Site Collection
Set Quotas
Configure Audit Options
Back Up a Site Collection
Configuring Top-Level Sites:
Managing Features and Apps
Add an RSS Feed to Your Site
Create and Configure Document Sets
Configuring Site Collection Metadata:
Create a New Content Type
Add Columns to Content Types
Archiving and Compliance:
Configure Site Policies
Configure In-Place Records Management
Configure Information Management Policies
Configure and Use the Content Organizer
Creating Workflows:
Understanding Workflows
Create and Run a Workflow
Implementing and Configuring Search:
Configure Search Options
Create Search Alerts