SharePoint 2007 Complete

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This course covers all aspects of Sharepoint for end-users, power-users and site administrators. The delivery focus can be tailored for the audience as the content is very detailed and may not all be necessary for day to day users.
Participants should have reasonable skills in using Windows and MS Office packages.
Overview of SharePoint:
What is SharePoint Server 2007?
Opening a SharePoint Site
Navigating a SharePoint Site
Searching a SharePoint Site
Creating your Own Space
Overview of Document Libraries and Lists
Introduction to Meeting and Document Workspaces:
Types of Workspaces
Creating Workspaces
Accessing Workspaces
Publishing to a Workspace
Document Management:
Using Check-in/Check-out
Editing and Viewing Document Properties
Using Version History
Using Content Approval
Creating a Folder
Viewing a Folder’s Contents
Moving Items to a Folder
Deleting Folders
Discussion Boards:
What is a Discussion Board?
Setting Up a Discussion Board
Using a Discussion Board
Modifying a Discussion Board
Parts of your Space:
The Recycle Bin:
Deleting an Item
Accessing the Recycle Bin
Recovering an Item
Adding Alerts to Outlook 2007:
What is an Alert?
Creating an Alert in SharePoint
Adding Alerts to Outlook 2007
Basic Office Tasks:
Opening the Document Pane
Overview of the Pane
Publishing a File to a Workspace
Where to Find Common SharePoint Tasks
Using InfoPath and SharePoint:
Publishing an InfoPath Form to a SharePoint Services Site
Creating and Filling Out a Form on SharePoint
Using SharePoint Views
Using SharePoint Lists in InfoPath
Submitting Forms to a SharePoint Site
Using InfoPath Forms with SharePoint Workflows:
Forms and Workflows
Publishing the Form
Adding a Workflow
Adding a Data Connection to Receive Workflow Information
Creating a New Form View for the Workflow
Changing the Form in Response to Workflow Status
List Management:
What is a List?
Exporting List Data to a Spreadsheet
Using Column Sorting and Filtering
About Version History
Managing List Settings
RSS Feeds:
What is an RSS Feed?
Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Viewing RSS Feeds
RSS and SharePoint
List and Library Views:
Default Views
Custom Views
Datasheet Views
Creating and Managing Columns
Creating and Managing Views
Creating Lists and Libraries:
Custom Lists
Web Pages
Managing Users and Groups:
Overview of User Permissions in SharePoint
Adding and Removing Users
Adding and Removing Groups