Sage Quickpay (1 Day Course)

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This one day course gives a complete overview of the Sage Quickpay program. We recommend it to all Sage Quickpay users as essential training because it covers many routines that are fundamental to problem–free payroll.
Candidates should be comfortable using a computer, mouse and keyboard. It is preferable that they have either attended the Introduction to Payroll Course or have prior knowledge of payroll. Prior use of Sage Quickpay is not required.
1. Company Set-up:
Setting up all company information e.g. names addresses’, tax codes, contains all the company financial information in one easily accessible place.
2. Payment & Deduction Setup:
Discover how to setup the pay elements and deductions of a payroll, including BIK payment, Pension and PRSA deductions.
3. Employee Set-up & Maintenance:
Learn how to setup and edit employee records. Define standard payment and deductions for individual employees.
4. Payroll Processing & Reports:
We will look at the day to day payroll processing cycle and which reports are essential. Having learned how to run a standard payroll, enter overtime, bonus, pensions etc we will then look at entering holiday pay in advance to employees before they go on holiday and see how to record disability pay.
5. Data Security:
See how to backup your payroll and should you need to take a step back how best to restore.
6. Financial and Payroll Year End Overview:
See how easy it is to complete the current your Payroll Year and transfer over to the new payroll year with ease.
1.Increase in confidence and understanding of correct Quickpay operation.
2.Opportunity to gain official certification from the only official Sage training centre in Ireland.
3.Reduced amount of paperwork and time spent on the operation of the payroll.
4.Tax Year End will run smoothly and efficiently and returns generated to file.