Sage Line 50 Report Writer

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This is a two day course which helps you make the most of the flexible report designer supplied with the Sage Line 50 range.
You should be familiar with the operation of the system but you do not require a detailed knowledge of accounting data retrieval. It would be useful to have a clear idea of your reporting requirements and how these differ from the example reports supplied with the system.
Basic Concept:
Gain an overview of creating new reports, using the wizard, amending fixed reports, selecting variables, sorting information/sort priority, and laying out the page.
Learn how to insert calculations into a report and change the presentation of information.
Subtotals and Grand Totals:
Learn how to improve presentation totals, and how reports are formatted to give subtotals and grand totals; also, how to add subtotals and grand totals, and multiple sorts and groups.
Discover how to add filters to a report to select specific information.
Accounting Facilities:
Learn to split debits and credits and how to produce meaningful transaction totals.
Learn how to add time ranges to a report (ie date ranges, transaction number ranges)
Advanced Reporting:
Learn about section filters and advanced criteria. Explore how to add additional sections to a report.
Creating Letters:
Discover how to create overdue account letters and sales promotions using specific criteria and expressions and filtering specific information.
Creating Invoice Layouts:
Learn how to amend an existing invoice layout to suit your own requirements.
Discover how to create a new statement layout & how to add a brought forward balance to a report or layout.
The Next Step:
You are introduced to the benefits of linking Sage Line 50 to Microsoft Office packages such as Excel and Word.

After this course you will be able to......

…create your own high-impact layouts that incorporate data from Sage Line 50. This will ensure your company can easily present vital information in ways that meet specific requirements.