Sage Line 50 Introduction and Setup

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In just 1 day this course will allow you to utilise all of the fundamental features of Sage Line 50, enabling you to get up and running with the software as quickly and confidently as possible. We recommend it to all Sage Line 50 users as essential training because it covers many routines, which are fundamental to problem-free accounting.
We recommend that you familiarise yourself by opening the software to have a look at the basic layout and menu structure. You should also be familiar with basic business terms such as invoice, VAT, double entry and so on. This course is not an Introduction to Bookkeeping so some fundamental prior knowledge of accounts is expected.
Navigate Sage Line 50 with ease:
Introduction to the user interface and how to navigate the menus. Learn how to use shortcut keys and help menus, use financial year settings, creating departments, setting up tax codes and Company Preferences.
Create Nominal Accounts:
Create, amend and deleting nominal accounts and creating bank, cash and credit card accounts.
Create Customer Accounts:
Create, amend and deleting customer accounts
Create Supplier Accounts:
Create, amend and deleting supplier accounts
Enter Opening Balances:
Entering Opening Balances for nominal, customer and supplier accounts.
Setup Password Protection:
Setting up password protection and/or restricting user access.