Sage Line 50 Financial Controller - Introduction

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A starting point for those new to Sage accounts software. Assumes a level of accounts knowledge (the course is not an introduction to accounts) and covers all the key features of the software.
Knowledge of accounts preparation and computerised / manual book-keeping skills are required. Participants are assumed to have a good level of computer knowledge if not of accounts software.
Before You Start 1:
Windows versions
Different Sage Line 50 versions
Avoiding the loss of data from a live version of Sage Line 50
Working with Sage line 50 as a singular user
Before You Start 2:
Working with Sage Line 50 in a shared environment with multiple users
Working through the chapters
Course aims
Program Basics 1:
Starting Sage Line 50
The ActiveSetup Wizard
Entering a logon name & password
The Tip of the Day dialog box
Program Basics 2:
The main program window
using the menus and toolbar
Getting help
Exiting Sage Line 50
Summary - Program Basics
Getting Started:
Getting started
Restoring data for the first time
Setting the financial year
Backing up for the first time
Ending the session
Summary - Getting Started
Account Names & Numbers 1:
Getting started
Debit and credit
Double entry book-keeping
Viewing and printing the accounts list
Previewing the accounts list
Printing the accounts list
Account Names & Numbers 2:
Account ranges
Transaction and double entry
Changing account names
Control accounts
Ending the session
Summary - Account Names & Numbers
Bank Receipts:
Getting started
Entering a bank receipts
Saving a transaction
Ending the session
Summary - Account Names & Numbers
Bank Payments:
Getting started
Bank payments
Using the Bank Payments window
Ending the session
Summary - Bank Payments
Getting started
The financial state of the company
The Trial Balance report
The Profit and Loss report
The Balance Sheet
Ending the session
Summary - Financials
Customers 1:
Getting started
Customer details
Entering a new customer
The Customer Record Wizard
Account references
Additional information
Adding more customers
Customers 2:
About selecting customers
Editing customer details
Changing the address details
Agreeing terms
Customers 3:
Customer delivery addresses
Adding two delivery addresses
Customer address lists
Ending the session
Summary - Customers
Getting started
Supplier details
Editing the supplier record
Backing up
Ending the session
Summary - Suppliers
Service Invoices 1:
Getting started
Service invoices
Entering order information
Footer and payment details
Save or Print
Service Invoices 2:
Printing invoices
Updating ledgers
Re-printing the invoice
Ending the session
Summary - Service Invoices
Products 1:
Getting started
Product categories
Product records
Adding new products
Products 2:
Adding further stock items
The Product Record window
Non-Stock and Service items
Ending the session
Summary - Products
Stock Control 1:
Getting started
Stock adjustments in
Stock adjustments out
Stock returns
Product activity
Stock Control 2:
Re-order levels
Backing up
Ending the session
Summary - Stock Control
Product Invoices 1:
Getting started
Product invoices
Sales details
Giving discounts
Order details
Footer and payment details
Product Invoices 2:
Saving the invoice
Adding an invoice with a customer delivery address
Adding a further invoice
Mix and match invoicing
Printing the invoices
Checking the invoices
Product Invoices 3:
Changing an invoice
Adding carraige charges
Adjustments in
Updating the ledgers
Ending the session
Summary - Product Invoices
Product Credit Notes:
Getting started
Product credit notes
Print and update the ledgers
Backing up
Ending the session
Summary - Product Credit Notes
Reviewing Your Accounts:
Getting started
The financial state of your company
The Profit & Loss report
The Balance Sheet report
Sending Statments:
Getting started
Account balances
Aged debtors analysis
The Aged Debtors Analysis report
Ending the session
Summary - Sending Statements
Customer Receipts 1:
Getting started
Automatic allocation of receipts
Manual allocation of receipts
Partial allocation of receipts
Giving a discount
Customer Receipts 2:
What happened to the discount
Payments on account
Backing up
Ending the session
Summary - Customer Receipts
Customer Activity:
Getting started
Customer activity
Ending the session
Summary - Customer Activity
Purchase Invoices:
Getting started
Supplier details
Batch supplier invoices
Account balances
Ending the session
Summary - Purchase Invoices
Supplier Payments 1:
Getting started
Payments to suppliers
Making a payment
Printing remittance advice notes
Purging and deleting remittance details
Supplier Payments 2:
Printing cheques
Purging cheque printing details
Supplier activity
Ending the session
Summary - Supplier Payments
More about the Nominal Ledger:
Getting started
Journal entries
A second example
Nomianl Code activity
Nominal records
Ending the session
Summary - More about the Nominal Ledger
More about Bank Accounts:
Getting started
Bank transfers
Combined payment
Printing cheques via the Bank Payments window
Petty cash transactions
Ending the session
Summary - More about the Bank Accounts
Bank Reconciliation:
Getting started
Grouping bank transactions
Reconciliating your bank account
Finding transactions
The last step
Turning off the group transactions option
Ending the session
Recurring Entries 1:
What are recurring entries
Adding new recurring entries
Adding a second payment
Adding a receipt
Adding journal credits and debits
Editing an entry
Recurring Entries 2:
A recurring entry processed weekly
Processing recurring entries
Suspending postings
Deleting recurring entries
Ending the session
Summary - Recurring Entries
VAT Returns 1:
Getting started
Notes on VAT returns
Producing a VAT return
Viewing the underlying transactions
Printing the VAT return
Reconciling the VAT transactions
VAT Returns 2:
Updating the VAT account references
Using the VAT Transfer Wizard
Paying the VAT
Ending the session
Summary - VAT Returns
Reports & Information 1:
Getting started
The Audit Trail
The Trial Balance
The Profit & Loss report
Reports & Information 2:
The Balance Sheet
Other useful reports
Ending the session
Appendix A - The ActiveSetup Wizard: