Sage Line 50 Financial Controller - Intermediate

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This course is aimed at those who have complete an introduction to Sage Financial controller course or have used Sage software but have not had any formal training in the package. It covers more advanced features used by the company accountant as opposed to simple data entry.
Prior attendance at a Sage Introduction course or equivalent experience. Accountancy / book-keeping skills in either a computerised or manual environment.
Summary of content::
Prepayment & Accruals
Fixed Assets & Depreciation
Delivery Addresses
Entering Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Skeletons
Processing Purchase Orders
Using the Search Option
Product Records & Purchase Orders
BOMS (Bill of Material) & Product Transfer
Product Pricing Options
Entering Sales Orders
Sales Order Skeletons
Processing Sales Orders
More about Sales Invoices
Credit Control
Statements & Account Letters
Late Payment Legislation
Writing Off Bad Debts
The Sage Task Manager
Paying Bills using the Sage Task Manager