Sage Line 50 Accounts Stage 1: The Accounting Fundamentals

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In just 2 days this course will allow you to utilise all of the fundamental features of Sage Line 50, enabling you processing transactions, correcting errors and performing bank reconciliation are just some of the useful things you will learn. We recommend it to all Sage Line 50 users as essential training because it covers many routines, which are fundamental to problem-free accounting.
We recommend that you familiarise and set up the Sage Line 50 software. You should also be familiar with basic business terms such as invoice, VAT, double entry and so on. If you are not familiar with them and/or the software, we recommend that you first attend our Introduction to Bookkeeping course, followed by the Sage Line 50 set up course.
Supplier Invoices and Credit Notes:
Entering batch supplier invoices and credit notes
Process supplier payments:
Posting supplier payments, including printing remittance advices, cheques and using e-banking.
Enter Customer Invoices and Credit Notes:
Creating and printing service invoices and credit notes for customers.
Process Customer Receipts:
Posting customer receipts and managing the sales ledger, including disputing invoices and suspending orders. Dealing with contra entries.
Post Bank transactions:
Data entry routines, including bank and cash transactions. Set up and process bank recurring entries.
Using Search:
Interrogating accounts data using `Search` for more accurate reporting.
Backup and check data:
How to back up and check data.
Correct common errors:
Correcting input errors.
Post journals:
Dealing with journal entries including posting and correcting errors.
Event Logging:
Understanding event logging and task manager.