Sage Instant Accounts Day 1

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This one-day course is the first stage of essential training for new users of Sage Instant Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts Plus. It concentrates on all of the features you need to get to grips with in order to set up and start using your software program.
Getting Started :
Would you like to be fully confident that you have installed, set up and configured your Sage Instant Accounts product?

Welcome to Sage Instant Accounts. You`ve taken the product out of the box, but that`s about it! Have no fear, this course will teach you all you need to know to make sure you have installed, set up and configured your Sage Instant Accounts program for best use with your business. In no time at all you will be able to progress to actually using the program to do what it`s designed to do.
Introduction & Navigation :
Learn about main screen Navigation & Shortcut keys. Look at a different way to perform tasks through Task Based Navigation, ensuring you have the program tailored to suit your business.
Company Settings :
Discover all the features relevant to setting your accounts package up for best use with your type of business.
Basic Concept :
Gain an overview of the integrated sales, purchase and nominal ledger systems used in Sage Instant Accounts programs.
Customer and Supplier Records :
Learn how to create customer and supplier records.
Opening Balances :
If you are transferring your data from a manual or other automated system you need to learn how to enter current balances owed from and to your business. This session shows you how to enter customer / supplier and nominal record opening balances.
Setting up Access Rights :
Secure your data by adding passwords and restrict access when necessary via logon names and passwords. Each password can be user specific defining which area someone can and cannot see.