Relational Database Design

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This course is one common starting point for the entire database curriculum. The objective of this course is to consider the logical design of relational databases using a methodology known as semantic data modeling and related practical techniques. Major subject areas to be explored are: Building a logical data model of increasing complexity and accuracy Transforming a logical model into a physical model for a relational database Using object oriented and semantic modeling techniques to refine a model Identifying classic structures and patterns which may be reused among many different models. Learn about star schemas, snowflake schemas and data warehouse models Introduce the use of a data model diagramming tool and CASE tools Consider the physical objects of a relational database and how they implement a logical model.

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About Data Modeling & Relational Database Design:
What Is Data Modeling?
About System Design Methodologies
More About Case Tools
Building A Simple Data Model :
Identifying Entities
Identifying Attributes
A Simple Modeling Scenario
Identifying Relationships
A Simple Data Model Solution
Achieving A More Accurate Model:
Supplementing The Requirements Specification
Refining The Attribute Definitions
Refining The Relationship Definitions
Transform Data Model Into Application Database Model :
About Application Database Models
Transformation To Relational Model
Semantic & Object Oriented Modeling:
Defining Domains
Defining Supertypes & Subtypes
Defining Arcs
Defining Lattices
Classic Structures & Patterns :
Basic Classic Structures
Advanced Classic Structures
Data Model Implementation Using Relational Databases :
Relational Implementation
Electronics Database Logical Model
Electronics Database Physical Model
Supertype & Arc Transformation Options
More About A Relational Database
Relational Database Objects
Sql Ddl
Data Warehouse Models:
What Is A Data Warehouse?
About Warehouse Models & Terminology
Star Schema Model
Snowflake Schema Model
Contrast Oltp & Warehouse Databases