QuarkXPress 7: Level 2

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As you begin this course, you may already have a basic understanding of how QuarkXPress works. You may be able to create simple layouts and perform basic tasks, but find that is not enough to effectively work within a more professional, fast-paced environment. You need to build on your existing skills to learn some of the more advanced features of QuarkXPress, as well as learn techniques that will allow you to improve your workflow. In this course, you will use QuarkXPress to produce more professional-looking layouts.

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To effectively understand this course, we recommend that you take the QuarkXPress 7: Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.
Creating Graphic Effects :
Draw Bézier Paths
Reshape a Picture Box
Combine Bézier Shapes
Silhouette Pictures
Apply Transparency and Drop Shadow Effects
Apply an Alpha Mask
Apply Picture Effects
Creating Type Effects :
Create Drop Caps
Reverse Type with a Style Sheet
Typeset Numbers
Create a Type Mask
Flow Type on a Path
Create a Type Shadow
Laying Out Pages :
Organize Design Elements in Libraries
Share Content
Step-and-Repeat Items
Adjust Spacing Between Items
Manipulate Grouped Items
Layer Items
Typesetting Layouts :
Choose Appropriate Typefaces
Choose Appropriate Leading
Set Justification Options
Hyphenate Text
Track Type
Kern Type
Embed Fonts in EPS Files
Applying Color Management :
Determine the Usage of Color Management
Set Up Color Management
Change Image Profiles
Choose Color Settings for Output
Managing Long Documents :
Change Type Formatting Automatically
Section a Document
Create a List
Index Documents
Create a Book