QuarkXPress 7: Level 1

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You have probably created simple documents, such as letters and reports, using word processing applications. You most likely applied basic type formatting, included some graphics in the documents, and printed the documents yourself on a desktop printer. Now you need to create high-quality single- and multiple-page documents for professional publication. In this course, you`ll use QuarkXPress to lay out professional quality single and multiple-page documents that include text and graphics, and are designed for professional printing and publication.

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Before taking this course, students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer`s operating system. They should also have basic word processing skills, such as copying and pasting text, formatting type, and so on.
Creating a Basic Single-Page Document :
Create a New Document
Place Graphics
Add Display Type
Align Items with Guides
Create Bleeds
Structuring a Multi-Page Document :
Set Up a Facing-Pages Layout
Create Additional Pages
Define Colors
Apply Colors
Create and Apply Master Pages
Typesetting :
Flow Text
Adjust Vertical Spacing
Align Type Horizontally
Create Paragraph Rules
Format Type with Style Sheets
Modify Style Sheets
Presenting Text and Graphics in Tables :
Create a Table Manually
Create a Table from Text
Display Graphics in Table Cells
Resize Rows and Columns
Modify Table Structure
Format Table Cells
Enhancing a Publication`s Readability :
Check Spelling
Apply Runaround
Format Item Frames
Inset Text
Apply Continuation Page Numbering
Finalizing a Document for Commercial Printing :
Check Picture Usage
Check Font Usage
Print a Proof
Create Print Styles
Collect for Output