Publisher 2013 Core Essentials

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This training package gives students the skills they need to effectively use Microsoft Publisher 2013. The students start with the basics and rapidly progress through the various features that make this program such a useful tool for desktop publishing.
Participants are expected to be IT literate. This is not an introduction to computers course.
The Basics:
Getting Started
Signing In
Creating a New Publication
About the Scratch Area
Saving a Publication
Opening a Publication
Your First Publication:
Creating a Text Box
Typing and Deleting Text
Selecting Text
Using Undo and Redo
Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Using Drag and Drop
Working with Pages:
Inserting Pages
Navigating Through Pages
Deleting Pages
Renaming Pages
Creating a Page Background
Changing the Color and Font Scheme
Formatting Text:
Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color
Applying Text Effects
Changing Character Spacing
Working with the Font Dialog
Using the Format Painter
Clearing Formatting
Working with Objects:
Selecting an Object
Resizing an Object
Moving an Object
Rotating an Object
Deleting an Object
About Contextual Tabs and the Mini Toolbar
Illustrating Your Publication:
Inserting Local Images
Inserting Online Images
Inserting a Picture Placeholder
Inserting Shapes
Inserting WordArt
Inserting Tables
Inserting Building Blocks:
Inserting Page Parts
Inserting Calendars
Inserting Borders and Accents
Inserting Advertisements
Using Business Information:
Setting up Business Information
Managing Business Information Sets
Inserting Business Information Fields
Adding Building Blocks to the Business Information Gallery
The Finishing Touches:
Checking Spelling
Inserting Page Numbers
Adding Headers and Footers
Running the Design Checker
Using Master Pages:
Understanding Master Pages
Creating and Editing a Master Page
Sending Objects to the Master Page
Applying a Master Page
Removing a Master Page
Printing and Sharing Your Publication:
Saving a Publication as PDF or XPS
Saving a Publication for Commercial Printing
Saving a Publication for Photo Printing
Printing a Publication
E-mailing a Publication
Customizing the Interface:
Collapsing and Expanding the Ribbon
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Resetting Interface Changes