Publisher 2007 - Intermediate

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Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program that produces stunning, professional results. This course gives you more tips and trick of how to work with the package effectively.
Participants should have taken the Foundation course or have equivalent knowledge.
Adding Headers And Footers :
Viewing Headers And Footers
Using The Header And Footer Toolbar
Removing A Header And Footer
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Using Color Schemes :
Applying A Color Scheme
Creating A Color Scheme
Editing A Color Scheme
Deleting A Color Scheme
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Using Font Schemes :
Applying A Font Scheme
Creating A Font Scheme
Edit A Font Scheme
Deleting A Font Scheme
Setting Font Scheme Options
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Working With Text Boxes :
Adding A Text Box
Selecting A Text Box
Deleting A Text Box
Inserting A Text File
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Editing Text Boxes :
Moving A Text Box
Resizing A Text Box
Rotating A Text Box
Using The Format Text Box Dialog
Doing More With Text Boxes :
Adding Columns
Aligning Text
Changing Text Direction
Using AutoFit
Skill Sharpener
Linking Text Boxes :
Using The Connect Text Box Toolbar
Linking Text Boxes
Unlinking Text Boxes
Navigating Through Textboxes
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Using The Ruler to Set Guides :
Viewing The Ruler
Adding A Horizontal Guide
Adding A Vertical Guide
Formatting Horizontal Rules
Skill Sharpener
Modifying Guides :
Moving Guides
Moving The Rulerís Origin
Formatting Ruler Guides
Clearing All Ruler Guides
Skill Sharpener
Using The Layout Guides Dialog :
Opening The Layout Guides Dialog
Setting Margin Guides
Setting Grid Guides
Setting Baseline Guides
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Snapping, Aligning, and Distributing Objects :
Using The Snap Commands
About The Relative To Margin Guides Command
Using The Align Commands
Using The Distribute Commands
Using The Nudge Commands
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Saving Your Files:
Using File Formats
Using File Properties
Using Auto Recover
Saving A Publication As A Picture
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Using Commercial Printing Tools :
Setting Fonts
Setting Color Printing Options
Registering (Trapping) Settings Per Publication
Registering (Trapping) Settings Per Objects
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Preparing Your Publication :
The Design Checker
Using The Graphics Manager
Packing A Publication To Take To Another Computer
Packing A Publication To Take To A Commercial Printing Service
Converting A Publication For The Web
Skill Sharpener
Sending Your Publication :
Publishing to PDF Or XPS
Using E-mail Preview
Emailing Your Publication As A Message
E-mailing Your Publication As An Attachment
Skill Sharpener
Merging Your Publication :
Setting Up An Address List In Publisher
Performing A Mail Merge
Performing An Email Merge
Performing A Catalogue Merge
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