Publisher 2007 - Foundation

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Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program that produces stunning, professional results. This course gets you started with using the package effectively.
Basic MS Office skills are required.
Starting Out :
What Is Microsoft Publisher?
What’s New In Publisher 2007?
Opening Microsoft Publisher
Interface Overview
Closing Microsoft Publisher
Skill Sharpener
Working With Files :
Saving Files
Opening Files
Switching Between Open Files
Closing Publications
Skill Sharpener
Interacting With Publisher :
Using Publisher’s Menus
Using the Standard Toolbar
Using the Formatting Toolbar
Moving Toolbars
Hiding and Showing Toolbars
Using the Status Bar
Skill Sharpener
Getting Help in Publisher :
Using the Help Menu
Using the Help Screen
Using the Ask A Question Box
Getting Help In A Dialogue Box
Skill Sharpener
Creating a Publication from the Getting Started Window :
Choosing A Publication Type
Choosing A Template
Searching For Templates
Customizing A Template
Opening A Recent Publication
Skill Sharpener
Using the Format Publication Task Pane :
Setting Page Options
Setting Color Schemes
Setting Font Schemes
Setting Publication Options
Skill Sharpener
Adding Text :
Typing Text
Using Basic Effects
Using Find And Replace
Inserting Symbols
Inserting the Date and Time
Skill Sharpener
Working With Pages :
Working With Pages
Inserting A Page
Deleting A Page
Move A Page
Adding Sections
Adding Page Numbers
Adding Headers And Footers
Skill Sharpener
Editing Text :
Selecting Text
Cutting, Copying, And Pasting
Using the Format Painter
Using Undo And Redo
Using The Office Clipboard
Skill Sharpener
Editing Text with the Formatting Toolbar :
Changing the Font Type
Changing the Font Size
Changing Font Color
Modifying Line Spacing
Setting Alignment
Skill Sharpener
Advanced Text Formatting :
Using The Font Dialogue
Adding Drop Caps
Using Kerning, Tracking, And Scaling
Skill Sharpener
Changing How Paragraphs Look :
Using the Paragraph Dialogue Box
Setting Tabs
Using AutoFit Options
Adding Bullets And Numbers
Adding Columns
Skill Sharpener
Adding Business Information :
About Business Information
Using the Business Information Task Pane
Using the Business Information Dialogue
Adding Your Information To A Publication
Editing Your Information
Skill Sharpener
Editing Tools :
Using AutoCorrect
Using Spell Check
Using the Research Task Pane
Using the Thesaurus
Skill Sharpener
Adding Graphics :
Using Picture Frames
Inserting ClipArt
Inserting A Picture From A File
Inserting A Picture From A Scanner/Camera
Drawing A Shape From the Objects Toolbar
Skill Sharpener
Editing Graphics :
The Picture Toolbar
Using the Format Picture Dialogue
Using the Picture Display
Skill Sharpener
Editing Your Publication :
Changing Your Design
Applying Backgrounds
Inserting an Object From the Design Gallery
The Content Library
Adding an Object to the Content Library
Inserting An Object From The Content Library
Skill Sharpener
Managing Windows :
Using Minimize, Maximize, and Restore
Arranging Windows
Cascading Windows
Using Zoom
Viewing a Two-Page Spread
Skill Sharpener
Using Page Setup and Print Setup :
Opening Page Setup
Choosing A Paper Size
Setting A Custom Paper Size
Opening Print Setup
Modifying Publication And Paper Settings
Setting Printer Details
Skill Sharpener
Using Print Preview :
Opening Print Preview
Using the Print Preview Toolbar
Zooming In and Out
Navigating Print Preview
Skill Sharpener
Printing a Publication :
Printing Commands
Using the Print Dialogue
Setting The Page Range
Setting the Number Of Copies
Skill Sharpener