Publisher 2007 - Expert

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Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program that produces stunning, professional results. This course is for advanced users who want to learn about Macros and automation in using the product and connecting to publishing via the Web.
Participants should have taken the Advanced course or have equivalent knowledge.
Recording Macros
Playing Macros
Macro Security
Practice Exercise
Other Macro Tasks:
Deleting Macros
Copying a Macro From a Template
Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
Practice Exercise
The Visual Basic Editor :
Opening the Visual Basic Editor
Menu Overview
How To Use The Properties Pane
Using The Project Explorer
Practice Exercise
Publisher and Word:
Using the Import Word Document Templates
Importing a Word Document Into an Existing Publication
Editing a Story in Word
Saving a Publisher File as a Word Document
Creating a Marketing Campaign
About Business Contact Manager
Creating a New Marketing Campaign
Linking a Publication to a Business Contact Manager Record
Publisher and Windows:
Searching for Documents
Using Office Diagnostics
Checking for Updates
Managing Add-Ins
Practice Exercise
Getting Started:
Using a Web site Template
Using the Easy Web Site Builder Using the Web Tools toolbar
Setting Navigation Options:
Adding a Navigation bar
Choosing a Navigation Bar Style
Setting Options
Modifying the Navigation bar
Personalizing Your Page:
Editing Web Pages
Modifying the Background
Changing the Template
Changing the Page size
Linking Pages:
Adding Hyperlinks
Linking to Another Publication Page
Linking to a Web Page or an Existing File
Linking to a New File
Adding a Mailto Link
Adding Web Features:
Creating a Hotspot
Moving or Resizing a Hotspot
Adding Text Boxes and Text Areas
Adding Check Boxes, List Boxes, and Option Buttons
Adding Submit and Reset Buttons
Advanced Features:
Adding an HTML Code Fragment
Adding Background Sound
Setting Web page Options
Setting Web Site Options
Managing Pages:
Adding Pages
Deleting Pages
Renaming Pages
Moving Pages
Completing Your Site:
Converting a Web Publication to Print and Vice-Versa
Previewing Your Site
Publishing Your Site
Updating Your Site