Publisher 2007 - Advanced

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Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program that produces stunning, professional results. This course provides advanced skills for top quality results in detailed publications.
Participants should have taken the Intermediate course or have equivalent knowledge.
Creating Master Pages :
Viewing Master Pages
Using the Edit Master Page Toolbar
Creating Master Pages
Editing Master Pages
Sending Objects to the Master Page
Skill Sharpener
Using Master Pages :
Single and Two Page Master Spreads
Applying a Master Page
Applying Different Master Pages to a Two-Page Spread
Applying a Master Page to a Variety of Pages
Ignoring A Master Page
Skill Sharpener
Using Styles :
Using the Styles Task Pane
Applying a Style
Modifying A Style
Creating a Style
Skill Sharpener
Managing Styles :
Deleting a Style
Importing Styles
Displaying Styles In A Document
Revealing Special Characters
Skill Sharpener
Using Objects :
Inserting a Text File
Creating a New Embedded Object
Embedding Part of a File
Embedding an Entire File
Editing Embedded Objects
Skill Sharpener
Adding Tables :
Inserting A Table
Anatomy Of A Table
Selecting a Table or Part Thereof
Inserting or Deleting a Table or Part Thereof
Skill Sharpener
Editing Tables :
Merging Cells
Splitting Cells
Adding Cell Diagonals
Using Fill Down and Fill Right
Using AutoFormat
Skill Sharpener
Manually Formatting a Table :
Opening the Format Table Dialogue
Using the Color and Lines Tab
Using the Size Tab
Using the Layout Tab
Using the Cell Properties Tab
Skill Sharpener
Adding WordArt :
Using the WordArt Toolbar
Inserting WordArt
Changing the Font Color
Changing the Outline Color
Changing the WordArt Text or Style
Adding Effects
Skill Sharpener
Editing WordArt :
Resizing WordArt
Moving WordArt
Rotating WordArt
Stretching WordArt
Skill Sharpener
Adding AutoShapes :
Drawing a Basic Shape
Drawing an AutoShape
Changing the Outline Color
Changing the Fill Color
Adding Effects
Sample Shapes
Skill Sharpener
Editing AutoShapes :
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting AutoShapes
Moving and Deleting AutoShapes
Using the Formatting Toolbar to Edit AutoShapes
Using the Format AutoShape Dialogue
Skill Sharpener
Working With AutoShapes:
Change Text Wrapping
Grouping and Ungrouping AutoShapes
Layering AutoShapes
Rotating and Flipping AutoShapes
Adding an AutoShape to the Content Library
Skill Sharpener
Setting Publisher Options :
Using the Trust Center
Changing Publisher’s Measurement Units
Disabling Wizards
Setting Auto Recover Options
Skill Sharpener
Setting Language Options :
Setting AutoCorrect Options
Setting Your Language
Setting Spelling Options
Using Hyphenation
Skill Sharpener
Customizing Publisher :
Customizing Publisher’s Menus
Adding or Removing Toolbar Buttons
Creating Toolbars
Resetting Toolbars
Deleting Toolbars
Setting Toolbar Options
Skill Sharpener