Project 2007 - Intermediate

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In the Foundation course, you used your project management skills to create a complete project plan. The plans need to be updated and modified regularly to keep the project moving on track. This course will build upon the knowledge gained, and give you the opportunity to work with a project plan once it reaches the project implementation phase. It deals with handling conflicts, tasks and reporting.
To ensure the successful completion of the Intermediate course, the completion of the Foundation course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Using My Computer within Project:
Using the My Places Toolbar
Navigating with My Computer
Performing Basic Tasks
Changing Views
Saving your Files :
Using File Formats
Using File Properties
Using Auto Save
Setting Save Options
Using Templates :
Opening a Template
Creating a Template
Accessing a Custom Template
Using and Saving Template Previews
Viewing your Files :
Opening a New Window
Arranging Windows
Hiding or Unhiding a window
Splitting a Window
Advanced Views :
Using Multiple Views
Viewing Tables
Sorting Information
Using Filters
Using AutoFilter

Resource Basics :
The Work Units Duration Equation
Creating a Resource List
Assigning Work and Material to a Resource
Using the Resource Information Dialogue Box
Using the Project Guide Task Pane for Resources

Editing Resources :
Changing a Resource Calendar
Editing Working Time
Grouping Resources
Removing a Resource
Resources and Tasks :
Assigning a Resource to a Task
Assigning a Resource to a Task
Using Task Usage View to Modify Resources
Using the Assign Resources Dialogue
Removing or Replacing a Resource
Resource Views :
Using the Resource Sheet View
The Resource Graph View
Resource Usage View

Resource Conflicts:
Determining when Resource Conflicts Exist
Using the Resource Management Toolbar
Reassigning Resources
Scheduling Overtime
Leveling Resources :
Opening the Resource Leveling Dialogue
Leveling Calculations
Leveling Range
Resolving Over Allocations

Viewing Tasks :
Using the Task Usage View
Using the Task Form View
Using the Task Entry View
Using the Task Name Form
Working with Tasks :
Task Indicators
Task Calendars
Using Change Highlighting
Using the Task Drivers Pane
Linking Tasks :
Link Types
Linking Tasks within a Project
Unlinking Tasks within Project
Linking Tasks Across Projects
Unlinking Cross-Project Tasks
Using Lag Time and Lead Time

Editing Tasks :
Updating Calculation Options
Splitting a Task
Overlapping Tasks
Delaying Tasks
Assigning Variable Units to a Task
Organizing Tasks into Phases

Completing Tasks :
Entering Task Completion
Updating Start and Finish Dates
Changing Task Duration
Changing Remaining Work
Skill Sharpener
Working with Variances
Using the Variance Table
Checking for Variances
Work Variances
Cost Variances

Creating Reports :
Using the Reports Dialogue Box
Creating a Pre-Defined Report
Creating a Custom Report
Creating Visual Reports :
Opening the Visual Reports Dialogue
Choosing a Report
Editing a Report
Creating a Template
Modifying a Template
Saving Cube Data :
Choosing the OLAP Cube
Using the Field Picker
Saving the Cube
Saving a Database

Using Other Reports :
Using the Copy Picture Feature
Using the Copy Picture to Office Wizard
Creating a Report with the Project Guide
Creating a Report from a View with the Project Guide