Project 2007 - Expert

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This course is for highly experienced Project 2007 users with strong IT skills who wish to work with Macros, Visual Basic, Pert Analysis, Forms and other applications.
To ensure the successful completion of the Advanced course, the completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Recording Macros:
Playing Macros
Macro Security
Using Default Macros
More Macro Tasks :
Deleting Macros
Copying Macros from Other Project Files
Assigning Shortcut Keys
Using Step Into
Visual Basic and Macros :
Opening the Visual Basic Editor
Adding Code to your Macro
Adding Comments to Visual Basic Code
Visual Basic for Project 2007 :
Declaring Variables
Sending a Message
Using If Statements
Iterating Through your Tasks
Pert Analysis :
Scenario Types
Using the PERT toolbar
Entering PERT Values
Entering PERT Weights
Calculating PERT
Viewing Scenarios
Earned Value Analysis :
About EVA
Viewing EVA Tables
About the EVA Fields
Reporting EVA Results

Using Project Server Data Analysis:
Working With Forms :
The Custom Forms Toolbar
Modifying a Form
Using the Edit Menu
Using the Item Menu
Creating your Own Form
Using the Organizer :
Opening the Organizer
Copying Project Elements
Renaming Elements with the Organizer
Deleting Elements
Using Project with other Applications :
Inserting Objects
Importing Data from Outlook
Exporting Data to Outlook
Saving a Project as XML