Professional Training Thesaurus Payroll course

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Thesaurus Payroll is one of the most widely used payroll management packages in Ireland and is particularly popular with SMEs due to its ease of use and functionality at a reasonable annual cost. The course is presented in as "jargon-free" a manner as possible. It is geared towards ensuring participants gain the skills required to effectively manage their payroll and to produce relevant and timely information to run their businesses successfully.
Participants must know how use a computer for basic Windows skills
Moving from a manual system:
The setup of a new company:
How to add/amend employees:
Overview of Revenue system i.e. Tax Credits, PRSI Tables, Cut off points:
How to process payroll:
How to process a P45:
How to process Holiday Pay:
Where to find month end figures and reports etc:
Year End i.e. P35 on disk, P60`s etc:
Electronic Fund Transfer:
Benefit in Kind :
Backing up data files:
Restoring data files:
Updating Payslips:
Printing payslips: