PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

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In this course, you will enhance presentations with features that will transform basic presentations into those with a powerful means of communication.
To ensure the successful completion of the Advanced course, the completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Adding Multimedia to a Presentation:
1. Inserting Video Files
Inserting a File from Your Computer
Inserting a File from ClipArt
The Video Tools Format Tab
The Video Tools Playback Tab
2. Editing Video Files
Cropping Videos
Correcting and Recoloring the Video
Applying a Frame
Choosing a Style
Setting Playback Options
Presenting with Video
3. Inserting Audio Files
Inserting a File from Your Computer
Inserting a File from ClipArt
The Audio Tools Format Tab
The Audio Tools Playback Tab
4. Editing Audio Files
Trimming Audio
Changing the Audio Icon
Setting Playback Options
Presenting with Audio
Creating Advanced Types of Objects:
1. Inserting Equations
2. Inserting Objects
Setting up Slide Masters:
1. Creating a Slide Master
Understanding Slide Masters
Opening Slide Master View
Using the Slide Master Tab
Creating a Master Slide Set
Applying a Global Theme and/or Background
2. Using Placeholders
About Placeholders
Inserting Placeholders
Modifying Placeholders
Moving or Deleting Placeholders
3. Using Slide Masters
Methods of Saving Slide Masters
Creating a New Presentation with a Slide Master
Adding Slides from a Master
Editing and Updating Master Slides
Removing a Master from a Presentation
4. Using Handout Masters
Understanding Handout Masters
Opening Handout Master View
Using the Handout Master Tab
Creating a Handout Master
Applying and Using a Handout Master
5. Using Note Masters
Understanding Note Masters
Opening Note Master View
Using the Note Master Tab
Creating a Note Master
Applying and Using a Note Master
Reviewing and Editing Presentations:
1. Using Comments
Adding Comments
Editing Comments
Navigating Through Comments
Deleting Comments
2. Reviewing a Presentation
Beginning a Review
Navigating Through Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Ending a Review
3. Markup Tools
Showing and Hiding Markup
Using the Reviewing Pane
Comparing Presentations
Creating Advanced Types of Shows:
1. Setting up Your Show
Setting Monitor Options
Rehearsing Timings
Using the Set Up Show Dialog
Choosing Show Elements (checkboxes on Slide Show tab)
Recording a Show
Playing Back a Show
2. Creating a Custom Show
Creating a New Custom Show
Editing a Custom Show
Deleting a Custom Show
Presenting a Custom Show
Hiding Individual Slides
3. Narrating Slides
Narration Settings
Recording Narrations
Editing Narrations
Playing Back a Narrated Show
4. Sharing Your Slides
Ways to Share Your Slides
Broadcasting Slides
Saving Slides to SharePoint
Publishing Slides
5. Saving Your Slides
Creating a Video
Creating a Show-Only File (PPS)
Packaging Your Presentation for CD
About the PowerPoint Viewer
Publishing to PDF