PowerPoint 2010: Intermediate

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This course is designed for participants who want to gain the skills necessary to work with design templates, various types of diagrams, special effects, custom slide shows, collaboration functionality, and advanced presentation delivery.
To ensure the successful completion of the Intermediate course, the completion of the Foundation course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Advanced File Tasks:
1. Using Windows Explorer within Word
Navigating Using Windows Explorer
Performing Basic Tasks with Windows Explorer
Using Views in Windows Explorer
Using the Windows Explorer Navigation Pane
2. Using Info Tools , Part One
Optimizing Media Compatibility
Compressing Media
Marking a Presentation as Final
Encrypting a Presentation
Digitally Signing a Presentation
Managing File Properties
3. Using Info Tools , Part Two
Using the Document Inspector
Using the Accessibility Checker
Using the Compatibility Checker
Setting Compatibility Options
Managing Versions
5. Research Tools
Checking Spelling (?)
Using the Research Pane
Using the Thesaurus
Using the Translator
Setting Your Language
4. File Management Tools
Using AutoRecover
Publishing to PDF or XPS
Creating a File Password
Converting Presentations in Older Formats
Converting Presentations to Newer Formats
Formatting a Presentation :
1. Using Themes
Applying a Theme
Using Theme Colors
Using Theme Fonts
Using Theme Effects
Choosing a Background Style (include hiding)
Using the Format Background Dialog
2. Creating Slide Transitions
Applying a Transition from the Gallery
Setting Effect Options
Customizing Transition Timing
Adding a Sound
Applying Transitions to All Slides
Previewing Transitions
3. Creating Slide Animations
Applying an Animation from the Gallery
Setting Effect Options
Customizing Animation Timing
Previewing Animations
Reordering Animations
4. Creating Advanced Animations
Choosing an Effect
Designing a Motion Path
Choosing a Trigger
Using the Animation Pane
Using the Animation Painter
Adding an Action Link
Adding Art to Your Presentation:
1. Drawing Shapes
Adding a Shape
Formatting Shapes (styles and manually)
Resizing and Moving Shapes (note that these tasks apply for all objects)
Deleting Shapes
2. Working with Shapes
Arranging Shapes
Grouping Shapes
Aligning and Flipping Shapes
Using the Selection Pane
Using the Drawing Tools Tab
3. Inserting Pictures
Adding a Picture from a File
Adding ClipArt
Adding a Screenshot
Adding a Photo Album
4. Editing Pictures
Overview of the Picture Tools Tab
Resizing, Moving, and Deleting Pictures
Arranging Pictures
Cropping Pictures
Using the Format Picture Dialog
5. Modifying Pictures
Correcting Pictures
Changing the Color Scheme
Editing Pictures
Applying Artistic Effects and Styles
Resetting Pictures
Adding Diagrams, Charts, and Tables:
1. Inserting Tables
Inserting Tables
Drawing Tables
Adding an Excel Spreadsheet
About the Tables Tools tabs
2. Modifying Tables
Adding or Removing Rows and Columns
Resizing Rows, Columns, and Tables
Formatting the Table
Formatting Table Text
3. Inserting Charts
Inserting a Chart
About the Chart Tools Tabs
Editing Chart Data
Changing the Chart Style
4. Inserting SmartArt
Inserting SmartArt
Adding Text
Resizing Your Diagram
Moving Your Diagram
About the SmartArt Tools Tabs
5. Formatting SmartArt
Changing the Layout
Choosing a Style
Choosing a Color (manual and styles)
Converting the Graphic
Resetting the Graphic