PowerPoint 2007 - Intermediate

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This course is designed for participants who want to gain the skills necessary to work with design templates, various types of diagrams, special effects, custom slide shows, collaboration functionality, and advanced presentation delivery.
To ensure the successful completion of the Intermediate course, the completion of the Foundation course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Using My Computer Within PowerPoint :
Navigating With My Computer
Performing Basic Tasks with My Computer
Changing Views with My Computer
Using the My Computer Toolbar
Using the My Places Toolbar
Saving Your Files :
Using File Formats
Exporting a File to PDF
Using File Properties
Using File Properties
Using Auto Recover
Navigating The Slide Show :
Navigating the Slide Show
Using the Navigation Buttons
Using the Pointer Button
Creating and Working with Tables:
Inserting a Table
Drawing a Table
Using the Table Tools Ribbon
Working with Cells
Inserting an Excel Table
The Insert Excel Table Ribbons
Formatting a Table :
Setting Style Options
Setting Table Styles
Changing the Shape of a Fill
Applying Borders
Adding Effects
Drawing Borders
Adding and Formatting WordArt
Working with Charts and Graphs :
Creating and Linking Worksheet Charts and Graphs
Chart Tools Ribbon
Incorporating Titles and Data
Legends and Labels
Working with SmartArt:
Creating SmartArt
SmartArt Tools
Resizing Diagrams
Inserting SmartArt From a Slide
Customizing Your Diagrams :
Inserting a Symbol or Special Character
Adding and Editing Shapes
Changing Diagram Types and Design Schemes
Incorporating Text
Working with Text Boxes :
Adding a Text Box
Selecting Text Boxes
Deleting a Text Box
Moving a Text Box
Resizing a Text Box
Rotating a Text Box
Formatting a Text Box
The Drawing Tools Ribbon
ClipArt :
Searching for ClipArt
Inserting ClipArt
Formatting Clip Art
Other Illustrations :
Inserting a Photo from a File
Inserting a Photo from a Scanner or Camera
Adding a Movie :
Insert Movie from the Clip Organizer or File
Movie Tools
Deleting a Movie
Adding a Sound Clip:
Insert Sound Clip from Clip Organizer or File
Sound Tools
Recording a Sound
Playing a CD
Deleting a Sound
Using Animation :
Entrance, Emphasis and Exit Effects
Add and Draw Motion Paths
Advanced Animation Options :
Speeds and Timing Options
Using Slide Transitions
Creating a Custom Animation