PowerPoint 2007 - Advanced

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In this course, you will enhance presentations with features that will transform basic presentations into those with a powerful means of communication.
To ensure the successful completion of the Advanced course, the completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Advanced PowerPoint Features :
Setting PowerPoint Options
Personalize Options
Proofing Options
Save Options
Trust Center
Add-In Options
Advanced Options
Working with Multiple Shows :
Basic Custom Shows
Linked or Hyperlinked Custom Shows
Creating, Editing, Copying, and Deleting Shows
Setting Show Options
Merging Your Presentation With Another
Delivering a Presentation :
Copying A Presentation To A CD Or Folder
Opening Packaged Presentations
Delivering A Presentation On A Computer
Using the PowerPoint Viewer :
What Is The Viewer?
Downloading The Viewer
Using The Viewer
Links and Objects :
Creating Photo Albums
Creating a Photo Album
Inserting Pictures and Images
Text, Captions, and Picture Order
Picture Layout, Frame Shape, and Design Templates
Changing Color Effect
Creating Links :
Link Part Of A File
Link An Entire File
Inserting Hyperlinks
Change And Remove Hyperlinks
Editing Links :
Revising Links
Open And Edit Source Files
Cancelling Links And Changing the Source
Creating Action Buttons
Using Objects
Create A New Embedded Object
Embedding Part Of A File
Embedding An Entire File
Edit Embedded Objects
Finishing a Presentation :
Inspecting A Presentation
Launching The Document Inspector
Running The Document Inspector
Sharing Your Presentations :
Publishing Slides
Saving Slides To A Workspace
Faxing Slides
Working As A Team
Creating A Workspace
Inserting, Editing and Deleting Comments
Mark Presentations As Final
Advanced Topics :
Creating Voice Narrations
Checking The Settings
Link And Embed Voice Narrations
Record And Delete Narrations
PowerPoint And Windows :
Searching for Documents
Starting PowerPoint On Windows Boot
Using Office Diagnostics
Checking For Updates
Creating Masters :
Introduction To Slide Masters
Types Of Masters
Using The Slide Master Ribbon
Using The Notes Master Ribbon
Using The Handout Master View
Creating Masters :
Create A Master Slide
Creating A Master Note
Creating A Master Handout
The Edit Master Ribbon
Using Masters :
Apply Master to a Slide
Apply Note And Handout Masters
Removing Masters