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PHP is one of the hottest technologies on the web. The ease of a scripting language combined with the power of languages such as Perl, C, or Java and numerous libraries for everything from connecting to back-end databases to drawing Acrobat files on the fly. This two-day course gets you developing dynamic web content quickly. It goes on to explore some of the more popular libraries including accessing a MySQL database and working with images. This course would be a good start for anyone planning on working on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform.
Knowledge of HTML required and experience with C, C++, Perl or Java helpful
Introduction to PHP :
A Little History
Find PHP on the Internet
A Simple PHP Program
PHP and PHP Programs
Where is that Documentation?
Developing Web Applications :
Client/Server Interaction and PHP
HTML Forms
Form/PHP Interaction
Output Functions
File I/O
Writing Your Own Functions
PHP Syntax:
Integers, Floats and Strings
The Assignment Operator
Operators, Variables and Constants
Logical and Relational Operators
The if Statement
The switch Statement
Arrays and Associative Arrays
The for Statement
break, continue and exit
Data Functions:
Data Types and Testing Functions
Working with Arrays
Working with Strings
Intval( ), doubleval( ) and strval( )
Database Functions:
What is DBM?
DBM Database Functions
What is MySQL?
MySQL Database Functions
What is Oracle?
Oracle Database Functions
mage Functions:
What is the GD Library?
Image File Formats
Creating an Image
Working with Images
Outputting Images
Other Topics:
Working with Cookies
setcookie( )
The header( ) Function
Environment Variables