Outlook 2007 - Foundation

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This course will provide you with the skills you need to start sending and responding to email in Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007, as well as maintaining your Calendar, scheduling meetings, and working with tasks and notes. In this course, you will compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information and tasks, and use notes.
Students should be familiar with using personal computers and have used a mouse and keyboard. You should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on your computer. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders.
Starting Out :
What is Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?
What’s New in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?
What’s Required?
Launching Outlook
About the Notification Icon
Closing Outlook
Interacting with Outlook :
The Outlook Interface
Understanding the Two Interfaces
Using the Main Menu
Using Shortcut (Right-Click) Menus
Using Shortcut Keys
Using Dialogue Boxes
Working with Toolbars :
Using Toolbars
Showing and Hiding Toolbars
Moving Toolbars and the Menu Bar
Using the Standard Toolbar
Using the Advanced Toolbar
Using the Web Toolbar
Working with Outlook :
Using Outlook Today
Using the Navigation Pane
Using the Reading Pane
Using the To-Do Bar
Getting Help in Outlook :
Using the Help Menu
Opening Help
Using the Help Screen
The Help Toolbar
Searching for Help
Using the Table of Contents
Getting Help in a Dialogue Box
Using the Type a Question Box
Receiving E-Mail :
Types of E-mail Accounts
Setting up an E-Mail Account
Modifying E-Mail Account Settings
Sending and Receiving E-Mail
Working with E-Mail Messages :
About Outlook Folders
Opening Messages
Editing Messages
Printing Messages
Saving Messages
Deleting Messages
The New Interface, Part 1:
About Ribbons
About Chunks
About Option Buttons
Minimizing the Ribbon
The New Interface, Part 2:
Using the Toolbar
Adding and Removing Buttons
Moving the Quick Access Toolbar
Using the Options Dialogue to Customize the Toolbar
Answering Mail :
Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Opening and Saving Attachments
Using the Attachment Previewer
Composing E-Mail :
Creating a New Message
The Message Interface
Adding Recipients
Typing a Subject Line
Creating Your Message
Doing More with E-Mail :
Adding Attachments
Creating Hyperlinks
Attaching Outlook Items
Using Themes
Using the Drafts Folder :
Opening the Drafts Folder
Saving a Message as a Draft
Opening and Editing a Draft
Sending a Draft
Deleting a Draft
The Calendar :
Opening the Calendar
Creating a New Appointment
Editing an Appointment
Using the Tasks Pane
Using the Calendar Navigation Pane
Using the Standard Toolbar
Customizing Calendar View
The Contacts Folder :
Opening the Contacts Folder
Creating a New Contact
Creating a New Distribution List
Editing Contacts and Distribution Lists
Using the Contacts Navigation Pane
Using the Standard Toolbar
Customizing Contacts Views
The Tasks Folder :
Opening the Tasks Folder
Creating a New Task
Editing a Task
Using the Tasks Navigation Pane
Using the Standard Toolbar
Customizing Tasks Views
The Notes Folder :
Opening the Notes Folder
Creating a New Note
Editing a Note
Using the Notes Navigation Pane
Using the Standard Toolbar
Customizing Notes Views
Using Viewing Tools :
Using Arrange By
About Groups
Using Current View
About AutoPreview
Customizing the Outlook Screen :
Customizing Toolbars
Creating Toolbars
Customizing the Menu Bar
Creating New Menus
Using the Options Tab
Using Print Preview :
Opening Print Preview
Using the Print Preview Toolbar
Navigating Through Print Preview
Printing from the Preview
Closing Print Preview
Printing Outlook Items :
Choosing a Page Setup
Print Commands
Using the Print Dialogue
Modifying Printer Properties
The Journal Folder :
Setting Journal Options
Opening the Journal Folder
Creating a New Journal Entry
Editing a Journal Entry
Using the Journal Navigation Pane
Using the Standard Toolbar
Customizing Journal Views