Outlook 2007 - Expert

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This course considers the most advanced features of working with Outlook 2007, including Data File Management, Personal Folders, profiles, security, macros and information rights.
To ensure the successful completion of the Expert course, the completion of the Advanced course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Using the Data File Management Window:
Opening the Window
Using the E-Mail Tab
Using the RSS Feeds Tab
Using the SharePoint Lists Tab
Modifying Published and Shared Calendars
Modifying Your Address Book
Using Personal Folders:
Managing Personal Folders
Creating Personal Folders
Opening And Closing Personal Folders
Setting a Personal Folder as Default
Personal Folders Properties
Managing Personal Folders:
Using AutoArchive
Archiving Manually
Using Mailbox Cleanup
Importing Information
Exporting Information
Using Outlook Profiles :
Overview Of The Mail Icon In The Control Panel
Creating A New Outlook Profile
Choosing Your Profile
Deleting Or Viewing A Profile
Setting Profile Options
Outlook Security.:
The Trust Center, Part 1
Opening the Trust Center
Identifying Trusted Publishers
Managing Add-Ins
Setting Privacy Options
The Trust Center, Part 2. :
Setting E-Mail Security Options
Controlling Attachment Handling
Automatic Download Settings
Dealing with Programmatic Access
Setting Macro Security
Creating a Macro
Running a Macro
Editing a Macro
Expert Topics:
The Outlook Address Book
Components Of The Outlook Address Book
Adding Entries
Editing Entries
Deleting Entries
Options In The Outlook Address Book
Information Rights Management:
System Requirements
Installing Information Rights Management
Using Information Rights Management
Viewing A Message Protected By Information Rights Management
Outlook And Windows:
Starting Outlook On Windows Boot
Using Office Diagnostics
Checking For Updates