Oracle Discoverer 3.1 End User Edition

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This course introduces participants to the querying and analytical capabilities of Oracle Discoverer.

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Familiarity with Windows applications.
Benefits of Discoverer
Understanding Discoverer
Opening and Using Workbooks:
Opening a workbook
Working with Workbooks:
The workbook window
Seclecting sections in worksheets
Formatting worksheets
Creating Workbooks:
Creating tabular worksheet
Creating crosstab worksheets
Managing Queries, Worksheets and Workbooks:
Copy a query sheet as a table
Copy a worksheet as a crosstab
Monitor query execution
Customising the Display:
Customising item headings
Customising data displays
Conditions and Parameters:
Creating a condition
Parameters in conditions
Multiple Conditions
Queries and Subqueries:
Creating subqueries
Group Sorts and Summaries:
Creating group sorted outputs
Including totals and subtotals
Calculated Items:
Creating calculated items
Drills in Worksheets:
Identify the drill types
Using the find facility as a drill feature
Scheduling and Managing Queries:
Scheduling periodical queries
Analyze Data Graphically:
Graphically analyze table output
Advanced Options:
Support for MS Excel
Other Supported File Formats