Oracle Database Administration 12c Course

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This Oracle Database Administration course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration. The course is suitable for versions of Oracle database up to and including The course is based around using the command line, but will provide Enterprise Manager Express to complement and enhance the learning experience.
On the course you will:
Install and create an Oracle Database
Discover the Oracle database architecture
Create and manage users
Create and manage storage structures
Administer the Oracle Database
Understand backup and recovery
Understand Oracle Flashback technology
Manage space requirements
Monitor and manage performance
Understand the Oracle Scheduler
Oracle Concepts Overview:
Oracle Components
The Oracle Instance
The Oracle Database
Oracle Processes
The Listener
Grid Infrastructure Overview
Oracle Restart
Automatic Storage Management
Oracle Database Software Installation:
Pre-installation Tasks
Installation Process
Oracle Database Creation:
Using the Database Configuration Assistant
Managing an Oracle Database Instance:
Connecting as a privileged user
Startup and Shutdown
Initialisation Parameters
Understanding Oracle Processes
Understanding System Global Area Components
Managing the System Global Area size
Understanding Program Global Area Components
Managing the Program Global Area size
The Automatic Diagnostic Repository
The Data Dictionary
Control Files and Tablespaces:
Understanding the role of Control Files
Understanding Tablespaces
Understanding Data Files
Oracle Managed Files
Redo Logging:
Understanding the role of Redo Logging
Redo Log Groups
Redo Log File Multiplexing
Undo Management:
Understanding the role of Undo
Managing the Undo Tablespace
The role of the Listener
Managing the Listener
Network Configuration Files
Contrasting Dedicated and Shared Server configurations
User Management
Database Privileges
Database Roles
Auditing Methods
Oracle Data Redaction
The Oracle Scheduler:
Automating Tasks using:
Moving Data:
Using SQL*Loader
Using External Tables
Using Datapump
Using Datapump Legacy Mode
Performance Management:
Understanding Performance components:
The Optimiser
Statisitics Management
Wait Events
Memory Advisors
The Automatic Workload Repository
Performance Advisors