Oracle Database 12c: Resource Manager & Scheduler

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One of the most important and oftentimes underutilized database features is that of the Oracle Database 12c Resource Manager. This is an essential facility for achieving optimum database performance. While this facility could be considered as highly recommended though optional in a traditional Oracle database configuration, in a multi-‐tenant configuration of pluggable databases enclosed within a container database, the use of the Oracle Database 12c Resource Manager can really be considered as mandatory. This training guide book provides conceptual background information on the advantages of this feature over other resource management systems, offers numerous real-‐word examples and includes step-‐by-‐step workshops and exercise solutions that demonstrate the use of this feature. Yet another related database feature that is often underutilized is that of the Oracle Database Scheduler. This training guide book shows how this scheduler compares with other scheduling systems, including the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control job system. We briefly cover the basic features of the Scheduler that are largely self-‐evident, but the remainder of our material explores advanced capabilities including integration with the Oracle Database Resource Manager, building sophisticated scheduling systems using job classes, windows and other object components, and employing a file watcher that is especially useful in a data warehouse environment. Perhaps most importantly, we will discuss how proliferating systems and databases resulting from machine virtualization and pluggable databases can be effectively managed using a centralized database Scheduler.
Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals (Levels I & II)
Oracle Database 12c: Install & Upgrade Workshop
Oracle Database 12c: Architecture & Internals
Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop
Managing Resources:
About Resource Management
The Database Resource Manager
Resource Manager Architecture
Using Oracle Database Resource Manager:
Resource Manager Privileges
Consumer Groups
Resource Plans
Resource Plan Directives
Programmatic Plans & Directives
Automatic & Adaptive Mapping
Activating Resource Plans
Monitoring Resource Allocation
Explicit Consumer Group Switching
Instance Caging
Automating Tasks With The Database Scheduler (Basic):
About Scheduling Systems
The Oracle Database Scheduler
Database Scheduler Framework
CREATE_JOB() Primary Attributes
SET_ATTRIBUTE() & Secondary Attributes
JOB_STYLE Attribute & Lightweight Job Example
Job & Instance Log Management
Automating Tasks With The Database Scheduler (Advanced):
Job Classes
Windows & Window Groups
Event-‐Based Vs. Time-‐Based Jobs
Automated Maintenance Tasks
Centralized Administration Using The Database Scheduler:
Centralized Scheduler Architecture
Central Database Setup
Remote Host Setup
Defining Remote Jobs
Submitting Remote Jobs
Database Scheduler File Watchers & E-‐Mail Notification:
Email Notification
File Watchers